Please note that we are not a Fireplace Manufacturer. We offer sales and service of most makes and models in Kingston, Ontario.

About Us

Doug Martin, born and raised in Kingston, Ontario started up MARTIN’S at the end of 2010. The image Doug wants MARTIN’S to portray to his clients is the service of a one stop shopping experience at a competitive price. Meet with Doug and show him what your dream fireplace is and with his wealth of experience and knowledge he can show you how your dreams can be met.

MARTIN’S has aligned itself with leading edge fireplace manufacturer’s such as

The difference: When dealing with MARTIN’S you are dealing with the owner. A service most of MARTIN’S competitors cannot offer. Doug is also the most experienced fireplace professional in Kingston, a service that MARTIN’S competition cannot match. With over 25 years’ experience Doug has created a large contact base. This contact base includes many builder’s, renovator’s, real estate and business professionals. These affiliations were mostly established through his loyalty and dedication to the Kingston Homebuilder’s Association (KHBA). Doug has been a member of the KHBA since 1987 and an executive member from 1989 to 2012. Doug has been the recipient of many KHBA awards, has also served as the KHBA president during 2004-2005.

At Martins we install our products in new constructions, renovations and retrofits.  We can also install  in homes, condos and apartments that don’t currently have a fireplace or chimney.  Ask us how.

Exciting industry trends: Today’s fireplaces are very much different than ones in the past. Aside from wood burning fireplaces there are also fireplaces that use natural gas, liquid propane, pellets, grass, wheat, corn and electricity. There are so many choices available. For the contemporary look you can choose a fireplace that has glass beads, river rocks, or the traditional logs. You can choose a linear fireplace which is long in length and narrow in height. Or, perhaps a vertical fireplace, which is tall in height and narrow in width or there is of course the traditional rectangular fireplace. Pellet stoves that burn multi fuels such as pellets, corn, grass, wheat, and barley. Wood stoves that have extended burn time some for as long as 20 + hours. Electric fireplaces that mount on a wall, linear or rectangular, gas fireplace inserts that have porcelain reflective fireboxes, burn multi-colour glass beads, remote controls that not only turn the gas fireplace on and off but also adjust the fan speed, the flame height and have a built in thermostat to provide the comfort you want and deserve. The wide range of choice allows you to install a fireplace in places where you normally would not think of; bathrooms, bedrooms, hall ways, sun rooms, outside on the deck. Today’s fireplaces are so very flexible. Give Doug at MARTIN’S a call and he will make sure your fireplace dreams do come true!